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Why Should I Start a Blog?

Okay, everybody keeps saying to you over and over again, "You should start a blog!"

Well, if you want to market your website, attract new customers, and boost your rankings with the search engines, then they are right: You should start a blog — especially if you are unable to easily update your website yourself.

Blogging gives you the best of both worlds: it helps you to keep the information on your website current, and it saves you time as well. Here's why: instead of having to answer the same question over and over again, you can post the answer to that question one time, on your blog, and then send your clients the link to that blog post every time they ask that question. And, if the answer to that question changes, you can simply go to that blog post (using your keyword search to find the entry, if you've forgotten where the posting is) and amend it. Users can send comments and questions to you as well, and it will be all there, on their screen, and yours, on one web page.

If you open a blog, be sure to use Wordpress, and make sure the blog you install goes on your server with your website. That way, you'll receive all the search engine benefits.

For a one-time fee of $600 , I can set up a simple Wordpress blog for you which will be attractive, represent you well, and be easy for you to update without having to pay a programmer or web developer for changes. Sites that are regularly updated rank higher with the search engines that static sites. See organic search engine optimization.

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