Updating Your Web Site

Web Site Content Development

Coming up with content to put on a Website can be a surprisingly difficult challenge for many businesses. What to say? How to say it? Before you know it, the information on your Website is out-of-date and not much use to potential prospects visiting the site.

How to Administer a Web Site

Assign one person the responsibility of making sure the site content accurately reflects the current business direction and does not include time-sensitive information that is out of date. This person must fully understand that your Website's visitors expect the site's content to be accurate and timely. The site administrator doesn't have to be a Web expert, a designer or a programmer—just a person who can be counted on to follow through.

Web Site Content Development

I can coordinate with your site administrator to come up with ideas and develop a timetable for site changes. I can write, edit and/or proof the copy, acquire pictures where necessary or work with the images you provide and optimize them for web use. I can develop the site code and upload it to your website or send it to you ready to upload. Finally, I can adjust the site's navigation links to include the new page. See my content management rates.

Web Writing for the World Wide Web

Writing content for your website can be a challenge, especially if you don't have the writing skills and training. I can help you to develop website content that will inform, educate and encourage your users to return to your site in the future. I can also develop your website content in a way that will attract the search engines and bring you business. See Search Engine Optimization.

Website Proofreading

All content on websites should be thoroughly proofread. I provide website proofreading services if you so desire, or you can proofread the website yourself to cut down on costs.

If you could use some help keeping your site up to date, contact Christopher Merrill.