Google Tracking and Analytics


Tracking Your Statistics in Google and Google Analytics

Tracking your statistics is key to developing a strong marketing strategy for your Web site.

To set up Google tracking:

Go to

Click on "sign in" at the far right.

Then, where it says:

"Don't have a Google Account?
Create an account now"

Click on "Create an account now" and following the steps to set up a gmail account.

Once you have created the Google account, whenever you access Google, you will be able to sign in to your Google account by accessing the "My Account" link at the top.

When you access the "My Account" link at the top, you will see a link below entitled "Webmaster Tools." Click on that link.

On the DASHBOARD that comes up, enter the URL of your web site in the input window. Then, follow the steps to VERIFY the account.

When they ask you if you have uploaded a file named:

googlee1ae6f4ae1551e07.html (or something similar)

simply upload a file to your server with that name — or contact me with the name of the file that they give you and I can upload that file — and then verify the account.

This should set up you for Google statistics.

Then, you can access your Google statistics here as they change. Of particular interest is the "Top Search Queries" link near the top which will tell you the keywords that are being used to access your site.

To access Google Analytics (on Mozilla only):

Go to:

Enter your gmail account access information:


Then click on the gear icon on the top right and select ACCOUNT SETTINGS from the dropdown.

Under MY PRODUCTS you will see Analytics. This is where you can access your Google Analytics info. Of primary importance are the Keywords that people are using to find you.


Questions? Contact Christopher Merrill.