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Please forward to me copies of any and all emails you receive from your domain registration service and your host.

Please write down and keep careful track of all user names and passwords that you either create or see in passing.

Please have someone from your organization print out (landscape format is available, if needed) all the pages of your finalized Website and proofread them carefully: some text and formatting, etc., could have shifted in transport.

Please examine all changes carefully after we have completed them so as to make sure everything made it through intact.

Please test all emails and forms upon our request by accessing your test Website and sending test emails to your selected email in box (you may be asked to repeat this process a few times).

Please tell me what you think. Please feel free to refer to other Websites or television advertisements you have seen.

Please understand that Christopher Merrill Web Design cannot provide legal advice regarding web sites or other issues.

Questions? Contact Christopher Merrill.

I appreciate your business.