Cascading Menus Disadvantages

Why Use Cascading Menus?


Cascading menus javascripts allow sublink headings to pop up when the mouse hovers over a link.

To see a sample of cascading menus, click here.

There is a DISADVANTAGE with cascading menus in that a user will have to hold the mouse in a certain position to see the sublinks. Many users dislike this. For this reason (and others), Christopher Merrill Web Design recommends AGAINST using cascading if at all possible.

Also, some browsers are less friendly to cascading menus javascripts that others, and you can pay a penalty in terms of search engines optimization with links that are controled by javascripts. While you may think you are making the navigation of your site easier with cascading menus, in reality, there's a good chance that you will be making navigation more difficult. For these and other reasons, it's a good idea to think twice before using cascading menu javascripts.

With cascading menus, there is less there than meets this eye!

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