Web Site Statistics

Interpreting Your Site Stats


Most people don't realize that statistics on how many people are visiting their web sites are readily available through the control panel on their web hosting account.

A wealth of knowledge can be gained by examining the information provided there: not only can you see how many people have visited ("unique page views") but you can discover where these visitors came from and what keywords they used to find you.

The smart web site owner reviews their web site statistics regularly, and then amends their web site accordingly.

If you find that the important keywords are not getting the responses you would like, consider changing the keywords in your title tags and description tags. To discover which keywords to emphasize, try searching for your services (the way a customer might do) in a search engine and then, when you see a "neighborhood" you would like to "reside in," write down that keyword combination; then, use that keyword combination in the text of your home page, or in the title or description tags of your home page.

Google Analytics is also useful for vieweing your site statistics.

If you need help interpreting what information can be found on your stats page, feel free to contact Christopher Merrill. Initial consultations are entirely free of charge.