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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Why can't I update my own site?

Answer: Unless you understand the code at left, you will not be able to edit your own website — that is, unless you are comfortable with a web editing software program such as Dreamweaver. (I do not recommend using Front Page or PageMill.)

Web pages are not like Word documents, so unless you have a working knowledge of html, you will not be able to make updates. While many web hosting companies offer do-it-yourself software for creating your own website, these programs invariably severely limit the things you can do with your site. (If you are on a tight budget and are not in need of search engine optimization, I recommend starting with one of these programs (perhaps with GoDaddy's do-it-yourself web design option).

It's possible for many people to easily learn how to edit html directly, if they are only interested in changing the text, and not in adding images or doing more complicated updates.

Going with a WordPress blog format does allow you to edit your own site. See WordPress blog design for more information.

Many of my clients find it easier to use my services for updating their sites. I charge $50/hour prorated in 15-minute intervals for simple site updates.

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