If your business is small to mid-sized, or if you are an individual, and you need a website that promotes your business, fits within your budget, and is completed on time (if not before!), Christopher Merrill can help you. We are freelance web designers located in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. Christopher Merrill has developed over 200 websites in various industries for clients nationwide since 2000. If you're looking for ease of communication, a fast turnaround time (guaranteed), a friendly, relaxed business relationship, and forward-looking, professional website design, contact Chicago Web Designer Christopher Merrill. Initial face-to-face consultations (including an evaluation of your already-existing website) are free of charge. Call 773-755-2536 today to see if a freelance web designer solution through Christopher Merrill might be perfect for you!


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3600 North Lakeshore Drive, Unit 523, Chicago, Illinois 60613-4603
CONTACT: Phone: 773-755-2536 | Mobile: 773-339-5385 | Fax: 773-409-5411 | Skype: virgil.blessing





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Christopher Merrill

Christopher Merrill

I pride myself on providing an honest, hands-on approach with every individual client in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Turnaround time is kept to a strict minimum, and I am ready to respond to all of your questions, whether you are looking for a robust web design solution, or working on updating your present site.

I stress cost-effectiveness and long-term value and work closely with my clients.







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