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Why Do I Need
a Facebook Business Page?

Facebook is here to stay, and a Facebook business page is now an essential part of marketing. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Facebook business pages are indexed outside of Facebook. So if someone performs an online search for your company, your Facebook business page will be one more link that will come up. Essentially, you can double your presence on the web by establishing a Facebook business page.
  2. Facebook business pages are visible to users without a Facebook profile.
  3. Facebook business pages are easier to manage (believe it or not) than standard websites. No expertise in html is needed.
  4. With a Facebook business page, you can establish a second URL that contains your company name.
  5. Repeating information from your website on your Facebook business page is not considered spamming, so you will not be penalized for it.

If these reasons are not enough, consider the fact that "Like Us on Facebook" is everywhere. If CNN does it, there must be a reason.

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