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Send Them to Your Website
as Often as Possible

If you find yourself answering the same questions over and over with clients, consider posting the answer to that question on your website (perhaps in an FAQ section), and then, when clients ask that question again in the future, simply send them an email with a link to the URL on your website that answers their question.

This may sound like stating the obvious, but remember: whenever a client clicks on a link to one of your webpages in an email, your rankings will receive the benefit.

It's a simple marketing strategy often overlooked by web site owners.

Answering client questions this way is a win-win situation:

1) You've answered their question, and

2) You've sent the client back to your website.

To ensure accuracy, open the URL (uniform resource locator or universal resource locator) in question in your browser first, and then copy and paste the full URL into the content of the email that you are sending (be sure to copy it all, or the link you send will be broken).

It also doesn't hurt to click on the URL within the email you are sending to verify that it is accurate and that you didn't miss any part of the full URL.

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