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With Logos, Size Matters!

For web purposes, your logo should be recognizable and easily legible at a height of not more than 90 pixels and a width of not more than 250 pixels.

Anything more will limit your options, and almost certainly create unusable space just where you need it most — near the top of the web page. Take a look at the websites of major companies and you will notice that their logos are small.

If your designer has generated something for you that cannot go that small, make them redesign the logo for you, and then show you the results within these dimensions.

Also, notice something about the logos at right — they contain only two colors (apart from the white and the black). There are not a lot of subtle gradations in color. If your designer has created something for you that has a lot of different colors, make them go back and redesign.

Logos should play well at any size, be it on a web page or on a billboard.

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