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Edit HTML Without Dreamweaver

To edit HTLM the old-fashioned way:

  1. Open any text editor such as Notepad or TextEdit;
  2. Copy to your clipboard the source code from the html page you wish to edit (be sure to copy all of it), then paste the text onto a blank page in your text editor. (Each browser has a "view source" option - if you can't find it, search Google (or other search engine) to see where it is in your browser);
  3. Edit the source code as you wish;
  4. When finished editing, save the text file with the same file name it already has and replace the file extension "txt" with "html" or "htm" (depending on which of these the original file used); and
  5. Overwrite the old html file on the server with the new one, using an FTP program.

CAUTION: I STRONGLY advise creating and saving a separate backup file of each page you edit, in case something goes wrong.



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