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Do You Know When Your
Domain Name Will Expire?

One of the easiest and most costly mistakes a website owner can make is to fail to keep email contact information current with their domain name registrar.

If you change your email address, be sure to change your account information; otherwise, you could fail to receive renewal notices and inadvertently let your domain name lapse. Then, one day, without warning, your website will disappear.

Worse, if you let your domain name lapse long enough, it can be auctioned off without your knowledge: then organizations (who make a habit of watching domain name registration expiration dates) will offer to sell your domain name back to you at a handsome profit!

Be sure that the credit card for your domain name is current. When you renew your credit card, be sure to renew the expiration date.

Don't lose your domain name this way. Believe me, I've seen it happen.

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