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Blogging Is Still Best

Blogging regularly (once a week) is still one of the best ways to build rankings.

If you haven't started a blog yet, go to your hosting account and add Wordpress. You can start with the default template and begin blogging immediately.

The trick is to blog using your target keywords and phrases. There are several SEO (seach engine optimization) plugins available to help you optimize your blog postings.

The most important thing is (1) to get started, and (2) to begin to think like a blogger: learning to notice issues that come up for you in connection with your products or services every day (and to take note of them as they come to you) is an excellent way of getting into the blogging habit.

People often say to me, "But I don't have anything to blog about." Actually, you do have plenty of things to blog about, you just don't believe (yet) that the knowledge that you have is useful to others.

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