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Text Links Boost Rankings!

Have you noticed that you are seeing fewer buttons on the web? There's a very good reason for this: text links can be detected by the search engines, while fancy buttons go unnoticed.

For example, in the image at right, if that "contact us" button is an image, the words "contact us" will not be detected by the search engines. However, if the words "contact us" are seen in the html code, the search engines will detect this, and the link will be understood as a "contact us" link.

If you have all of your links displayed as images, be sure to repeat these links (perhaps at the bottom of the page) in html format, so that your web site will receive the search engine benefits.

In lieu of this, consider removing the buttons and substituting text links instead. While the aesthetic appeal might be less, the benefits, in terms of web site promotion, outweigh the negatives. Plus, text links are more flexible to maintain and easier to update.

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