Test Your Website

You’ve got everything on your new site up and running in a development folder. Now’s the time to launch it, right?


You need to test it first.

Testing means trying — aggressively — to find errors. Essentially you want to try to break the site, the way you would test a child’s toy by trying to break it.

Testing is especially important with database-driven e-commerce sites. The last thing you want to do when you open your online store is give people products or services for free — or worse, overcharge them and then have to refund money.

First impressions can make or break your site. You don’t want to give your first users a bad experience: they will never return, and they will tell their friends.

Proofread all text (preferably by a professional proofreader), and test all email links by using them to send yourself a test email. Keep track of all the emails you send and compare that list with the list of emails you receive.

Go out of your way to find errors;  then track the errors you find, correct them, and verify that each error has been corrected. You must be able to reproduce the error.

For professional proofreading, contact Christopher Merrill.

About Christopher Merrill

Christopher Merrill is a Chicago freelance website designer, doing business since 1999. Specializing in website design for small- to mid- sized businesses and individuals, Christopher Merrill works closely with his clients to provide high-quality website design at an affordable price. Mr. Merrill has designed over 200 websites for his clients in Chicago and nationwide during the past decade. Christopher Merrill prides himself on providing an honest, hands-on approach with each individual client, in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Turnaround and response time are kept to a strict minimum, and Christopher Merrill is always ready to respond to all of your questions, whether you are looking for a Web design solution, or working closely with him to update your already-existing site.
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3 Responses to Test Your Website

  1. Good steps, especially the one about proof reading, this is something that most website designers ignore.

  2. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. It is a really good idea to test your website before you open it up to everyone. You want to really make sure that everything on your site is functioning properly. There are so many things to remember when it comes to web design, so it is so important to go through and find out what you might have forgotten. Web design can definitely be time consuming, but it is worth it to get your site just right.

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