Why Are Blogs So Rigid?

Blog formats are rigid so as to allow high functionality and the ability to make updates easily

Blog formats are rigid so as to allow high functionality and the ability to make updates easily

WordPress templates provide a variety of formatting possibilities, but they do not allow for much reformatting within the templates themselves — that is, unless you are a web design professional.

However, what is lost in flexibility is gained in the ability to make updates to the blog. No special training is needed.

WordPress is essentially a database. Everything you enter onto the site goes into a data field, and then when you are ready to add or edit the material, you “publish” the changes. Because of the database nature of WordPress, formatting can be somewhat inflexible.

But WordPress is quite user friendly. With a little patience, some of my clients who seem the most intimidated at first find that they are up and running the site in no time. With more time and patience, users can begin to implement functionality through the use of plugins and widgets.

The ability to make updates yourself is important because search engines can detect whether or not your site is up to date. When a new site is launched and then just “lays there,” the search engines will assign the site a lower priority, and the search engine rankings will drop.

Because of the functionality it provides, WordPress  has become the “go to” content management system for many new website owners.

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